Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Are You Called Shandrews Hutt?


We are named after my 2 children Shannon & Andrew. Hutt is for Mr Jabba himself :)

2.  How Much Do You Charge For Delivery?.

Delivery is a flat rate of £4 per order. As we grow we hope to reduce this.

3. Which Postal Service Do You Use?

We use Royal Mail, Parcel Force and for expensive items we use TNT/DHL Parcel. We will never use Hermes etc for the cheaper option!

4.  Can I Collect My Order?

Unfortunately due to covid-19 we cannot let items be collected. When We are up and running in a store this will change.

5. Why Is Your Dispatch Time 5/7 Days?

We currently have 2 days a week booked for parcels to be collected. This is just an average to be safe. It's usually sooner :).


6. What Packaging Do You Use?

As a collector myself I understand how important packaging is so we use strong walled boxes, bubble wrap as well as Flopak to fill the gaps.

7. Do You Accept Returns?

Typically no, Although we do offer replacements or refunds in some instances.

Please see our terms of use for full details.

We will always try to help and make you happy though.

8. Why Is The 15% Deposit Non Refundable?

This is partly what we will be charged by our suppliers for a cancelled order. It is also a deterrent as people were abusing our cancellations policy.

9. What does incoming mean on items

This means the stock is on route to us but despatch times may be longer

10. Who Is The Greatest Star Wars Character Of All Time?

That's a ridiculous question. It's obviously Wicket :)

Any Other Questions Please Don't Hesitate To Get In Touch Using The Contact Details Below.